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1. – 16. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. Most science fiction deals in some way with change and the _____ that science and technology have on people.
A) selection
B) feature
C) deficiency
D) impact
E) orientation

2- Some researchers suggest that a lifestyle of drug abuse _____ from the interaction of multiple risk factors.
A) releases
B) develops
C) culminates
D) contaminates
E) associates

3- Since ancient times mining has had a/an _____ political impact on society.
A) fundamental
B) improbable
C) redundant
D) compulsive
E) revesible

4- The construction of an image takes place _____ in the retina itself through the use of specialized neural circuits.
A) hardly
B) fairly
C) mostly
D) reluctantly
E) extremely

5- Stress weakens your immune system, making it harder for your body to _____ infection.
A) come around
B) fight off
C) go down
D) cut in
E) put across

6- No matter how careful people are, they may have losses that _____ events that are beyond their control.
A) dedicate to
B) cope with
C) turn over
D) result from
E) end up

7- The atmosphere has remained fairly stable _____many millions of years, but its temperature and composition change _____ time.
A) as / in
B) for / with
C) since / in
D) before / by
E) after / during

8- Some historians think that the first true golfers were ancient shepherds who passed the time _____ using their wooden staffs to knock small stones _____ holes.
A) in / to
B) by / into
C) by / over
D) for / under
E) with / above

9- When a person helps someone _____ need or participates in a worthwhile cause _____ expecting payment, he or she is
A) in / without
B) for / over
C) by / onto
D) of / under
E) at / against

10- In the past, understanding a new disease _____ years, but today, we expect scientists _____ the causative agent of an emergent disease swiftly.
A) used to be taken / identifying
B) had taken / to be identified
C) might have taken / to identify
D) has taken / being identified
E) was taking / identifying

11- Any food dropped onto the floor or ground _____ if it _____ up before 5 seconds has elapsed, since it is believed that the food cannot be contaminated at such a rapid rate.
A) could have eaten / had picked
B) must be eating / had to pick
C) might be eaten / would have picked
D) can be eaten / has been picked
E) used to be eaten / was picked

12- In 1993, scientists _____ the gene that _____ Huntington’s chorea, elucidating the mechanisms of the disease, and, perhaps, the chance of a cure.
A) have isolated / caused
B) were able to isolate / causes
C) could be isolated / has caused
D) would have isolated / was caused
E) had isolated / would cause

13- The board _____ the issue _____ to this week from last week heatedly at this very moment.
A) were discussing / postponing
B) are being discussed / have postponed
C) is discussing / postponed
D) have been discussing / to be postponed
E) had been discussed / being postponed

14- Many people enjoy murder mysteries _____ horror movies, _____ this doesn’t indicate that they wish to murder anyone or vandalise anywhere.
A) as well as / and
B) and / but
C) in addition / yet
D) but / though
E) such as / as

15- The communication network ties together the parts of a society _____ the nervous system ties together the organs of an individual.

A) even when
B) because
C) although
D) in spite of
E) just as

16- _____ over-fishing, other factors play a part in the diminishing stocks of commercial fish species.
A) In addition to
B) Instead
C) Though
D) Because
E) As well

17. – 21. Sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

More than 10 million Americans (17)_____ yoga, and some doctors are prescribing it to combat health problems. At the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine, students take classes (18)_____ yoga. “I hope that this impact will carry through their careers and allow them (19)_____ a much more open mind in (20)_____ ways oftreating patients,” said Dr. Richard Usatine of the UCLA School of Medicine. Most yoga classes (21)_____ only a dozen or so gentle poses and end with meditation. Each pose is supposed to simulate circulation in a certain part of the body and to improve the health of muscles and internal organs.

A) practise
B) apply
C) rehearse
D) condemn
E) deter

A) into
B) on
C) from
D) through
E) by

A) to be having
B) having had
C) to have
D) having
E) to have had

A) other
B) each other
C) one other
D) the other
E) a few others

A) make over
B) embark on
C) incorporate into
D) consist of
E) substitute for

22. – 26. Sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Aptitude tests try to (22)_____ a person’s ability to succeed in future study or work. They focus on a specific ability or group of abilities in such areas as art, music, mathematics, languages, law, and medicine. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), (23)_____ other information, is used by some colleges (24)_____ students for admission. The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) is used to help those (25)_____ jobs to find (26)_____ careers.

A) predict
B) dictate
C) polish
D) signify
E) augment

A) in case of
B) except that
C) almost
D) in view of
E) along with

A) selected
B) selecting
C) to select
D) to be selecting
E) having selected

A) sought
B) to be sought
C) having been sought
D) seeking
E) to be seeking

A) suitable
B) remarkable
C) consecutive
D) huge
E) selective

27. – 36. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

27- _____ Venetian glassblowers were forbidden to leave Venice.
A) Once the glass is on the table
B) Although both the Romans and the Venetians had developed a clear glass
C) In order to keep the skills of their craft a secret
D) As the skill and speed of the workersmake the process seem easy
E) Because of the iron present in all sand

28- _____ which may include either a specific region or the entire world.
A) The word “atlas” dates from the 16th century
B) Gerardus Mercator had called his collection of maps an atlas
C) The atlas contained thematic information for the region
D) An atlas is a book of maps or charts
E) The first modern atlas is Theatrum orbis terrarum

29- _____ , clothing in different parts of the world developed differently.
A) If a design was to be made in large numbers
B) Despite similarities in basic construction
C) Often synthetics are used together with natural fibers
D) Until the 19th century, most clothing was made in the home
E) As women become more active and independent

30- Forests grow nearly everywhere in the world, _____ .
A) except in Arctic regions, arid plains orsteppes, and deserts.
B) as does an increase in elevation in highmountains anywhere on the Earth
C) where summers are hotter and drier
D) with the Earth’s climate continually changing
E) since the pace of climatic change is very slow

31- _____ as he could have done before.
A) When the wounded man was carried to his bed
B) As the surgeon was about to enter the room
C) Symptoms are not always so obvious or consistent
D) Within six weeks, he was able to walk upon his legs as perfectly
E) As young man behaves himself extremely well

32- Throughout the 19th century there were writers in Europe and in the United States _____ .
A) as control by the editors of sciencefiction magazines diminished
B) who imagined a way in which science and technology might change human lives
C) since the early 20th century, science fiction has reached a broader readership
D) as writers realized that their lives were being transformed by industry
E) which rejected American attitudes and traditions

33- While it is possible to look directly at the stars at night because they are so far away, _____ .
A) when sunlight passes through the spectrograph
B) scientists estimate that the sun is about 4.55 billion years old
C) the sun has shone steadily for more than 4.55 billion years
D) the sun is enormous compared to the Earth and other planets
E) it is very dangerous to look directly at the sun

34- The movement of ocean currents creates moderating effects in some areas _____ .
A) that represented a place of recreation, a means of transportation, and a storehouse of food
B) throughout recorded history people have used the ocean as a source of food
C) where weather extremes might otherwise make life unpleasant
D) since the 1960s, the production of oil from wells has increased drastically
E) by making use of the change in sea level caused by tidal cycles

35- _____ as well as her being born and raised.
A) As I grew up on a grain and cattle farm in Karapazar near the town of Seyitgazi
B) She re-established a career in İzmir as the plant manager of big firm
C) The documentation shows her community involvement and professional accomplishments
D) After three years, I left İzmir and relocated to Eskişehir where my wife’sfamily resides
E) Her skills of business as well as human relations are so worthy of appreciation

36- _____ if the distance to the transmitter is not too great.
A) A more advanced type of flat-paneldisplay is the plasma monitor
B) A television signal can be received through an antenna on the television set itself
C) In the early 1900’s, inventors found that electrical signals could be transmitted through the air
D) During the 1930’s, many manufacturers began producing television receivers
E) Television first became widely available in the 1940’s and 1950’s

37. – 40. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi, Türkçe cümleye anlamca yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

37- A Greek philosopher and scientist and Aristotle’s most famous pupil, Theophrastus, headed the Peripateticsfollowing Aristotle.
A) Yunanlı felsefeci ve bilim adamı ve aynı zamanda Aristo’nun ünlü bir öğrencisi Theophrastus’tur ve Aristo’dan sonraPeripatetics’e liderlik etmeyi başarmıştır.
B) Theophrastus, Yunanlı felsefeci ve bilim adamı ve aynı zamanda Aristo’nun ünlü bir öğrencisi olarak tanınır ve Aristo’dan sonra Peripatetics’e liderlik eden de O’dur.
C) Aristo’nun bir öğrencisi olarak tanınan ve aynı zamanda ünlü bir Yunanlı felsefeci ve bilim adamı olan Theophrastus, Aristo’dan sonra Peripatetics’e liderlikyaptı.
D) Aristo’nun bir öğrencisi olan ve ünlü bir Yunanlı felsefeci ve bilim adamı olarak da tanınan Theophrastus, gerçekteAristo’dan sonra Peripatetics’e liderlik etmeyi istemiştir.
E) Yunanlı bir felsefeci ve bilim adamı ve aynı zamanda Aristo’nun en ünlü öğrencisi olan Theophrastus, Aristo’dan sonra Peripatetics’e liderlik etmiştir.

38- Usually thought of as a land war, the American Civil War was also by far the largest naval war of the era.
A) Genelde kara savaşı olarak bilinenAmerikan Sivil Savaşı, aslında dönemin en büyük deniz savaşıydı.
B) Bir kara savaşı olarak tarihe geçen Amerikan Sivil Savaşı dönemin büyük deniz savaşları arasında tarihteki yerini almıştır.
C) Genellikle bir deniz savaşı olarak akıllarda kalan Amerikan Sivil Savaşı aslında dönemin en büyük kara savaşıydı.
D) Genellikle bir kara savaşı olarak düşünülen Amerikan Sivil Savaşı, aynı zamanda dönemin en büyük deniz savaşıydı.
E) Dönemin en büyük deniz savaşlarından biri olan Amerikan Sivil Savaşı, genelde bir kara savaşı olarak düşünülmektedir.

39- Yuri Gagarin 1961’de ilk defa yeryüzünden ayrıldığından beri, insanlı uzay uçuşu tam anlamıyla hükümet yönetimindeki bir iş olmuştur
A) Since Yuri Gagarin defined himself as the first spaceman of the world, many spacemen have landed on the moon under the control of their governments
B) Yuri Gagarin was the first person who blasted off in 1961, and after landing back, Gagarin was more exultant than eloquent
C) Since Yuri Gagarin first landed on the ground back in 1961, unmanned space flight has been severely an affair under the control of government
D) After Yuri Gagagarin first left the ground in 1961, the government took the control of manned space flight
E) Since Yuri Gagarin first blasted off in 1961, manned space flight has be

40- Yaşlanmak bir dağa tırmanmak gibidir,çıktıkça yorgunluğunuz artar, nefesiniz daralır; ancak görüş alanınız genişler.
A) Aging looks like climbing a mountain; if you climb fast, you get tired, you hardly breathe but your field ofview widens.
B) Aging is like climbing a mountain; as you climb you grow tired and you become shorter of breath, but your point of view gets broader.
C) Aging is like climbing a mountain, your tiredness becomes unbearable and you hardly breathe as much as you climb but your field of view widens.
D) Aging unlike climbing a mountain, yourtiredness rises and you hardly breathe as much as you climb but your field of view widens.
E) Aging like climbing a mountain, your tiredness rises and you hardly breathe as much as you climb but your field of view widens.

41. – 44. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Although seismologists know that certain regions are more earthquake-prone than others, they do not know for certain just when an earthquake will occur. Today much of the effort of earthquake prediction goes into studying the geology of the Earth and examining historical records of particular regions to determine exactly where and how often earthquakes occurred in the past. This information can then be used to make rough estimates of what to expect in the future in that same region. Such studies lead seismologists to think that there is between a 10 and 50 per cent probability that a major earthquake will strike California within a person’s lifetime. Most earthquakes do little harm, but a few can cause great destruction and loss of life. Engineers study each major earthquake to learn how to build safer buildings, dams, and bridges so that destruction and loss of life can be reduced. Seismologists and other scientists continue their studies to learn more about what happens at the earthquake source and to discover more about the interior of the Earth.

41- It is understood from the passage that _____ .
A) there is not much effort in the study of earthquakes
B) engineers only study dams and bridgesto learn about earthquakes
C) historical records give few clues in theprevious earthquakes
D) most earthquakes occur where less research is done
E) seismologists still cannot predict when an earthquake will occur

42- It is understood from the passage that earthquakes can be predicted by _____ .
A) finding out how they can be prevented
B) focusing on what should be done to decrease the number of casualties
C) studying the geology of the Earth and historical records of certain regions
D) analysing the ways they causedestruction
E) studying what has caused them so far

43- According to the passage, the number of earthquakes _____ .
A) that cause great destruction in not that high
B) in a region depends on the structure of the surface rocks
C) indicates how risk any given area is to live
D) that has happened in the world so far isn’t precisely known
E) is a factor in deciding what should be done to prevent them

44- The passage points out that engineers _____ .
A) try to learn how earthquakes can be predicted accurately
B) should spend more time on earthquake prediction
C) are the only people that should be consulted on scientific matters
D) aim to reduce destruction and loss of life in their studies
E) will soon discover why earthquakes occur

45. – 48. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

In order to process black-and-white negative film, three solutions are required. The first and most important, the developer, converts the exposed portion of the silver halides in the film emulsion into black metallic silver, which is what actually forms the image. The amount of time the film is immersed in the developer solution is critical and must be accurately measured. The second step is the stop bath, or rinse. Its function is to stop the action of the developer remaining in the film. This helps to control the exact period of time the developer is allowed to work. The stop bath also helps to prevent the formation of bubbles of carbon black spots in the final print. The film is next placed into a fixing bath. This solution removes the unused silver halides in the film by forming a soluble solution of a silver salt, rendering the image permanent and insensitive to light. The fixer must then be removed either by washing the film in running water or by using some form of chemical neutralization. If this is not done, the constituents in the fixer will, in time, cause the image to fade. After washing, the film is immersed in a wetting agent, usually ethylene glycol, which reduces the surface tension of the water remaining on the film and helps it to dry without leaving any spots or marks. Finally, the film is placed in a dust-free enclosure to dry; forced air or heat may be used to accelerate the drying step.

45- According to the passage, the developer _____ .
A) can be bought cheaply from
B) shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight
C) is the most important solution in developing a film
D) may be used more than once
E) may come in various colours

46- The author points out that _____ .
A) developer is only used in black-and- white negative films
B) a film must be immersed in thedeveloper for a long time
C) chemical neutralization is the best method to remove the fixer
D) the image is formed after the first step
E) there are two ways of removing the fixer

47- We learn from the passage that ethylene glycol _____ .
A) prevents the formation of bubbles of carbon black spots
B) is a liquid which is hard to find elsewhere
C) is not a solution but a mixture of various chemical
D) helps the film to dry with no spots or marks on it
E) is what is required most in developing process

48- It is clear from the passage that in order to quicken the drying, _____ .
A) two solutions can be used together
B) forced air or heat may be used
C) the film should be put in wetting agent
D) the room must be free from dust
E) a soluble solution of a silver salt may be employed

49. – 52. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour, on Oahu island, Hawaii, the operating base of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, in 1941 resulted in the immediate entry of the United States into World War II and opened the Pacific phase of the war. In late 1941 more than 75 U.S. warships were based at Pearl Harbour. All U.S. aircraft carriers were elsewhere. On November 26, a Japanese task force under the command of Vice Adm. Chuichi Nagumo, departed in secret from the Kuril Islands, off Japan. Observing radio silence, it reached a launching point at 6 , December 7. At 7:50 , the first wave of Japanese planes struck Pearl Harbour, bombarding airfields and battleships moored at the concrete quays. A second wave followed. The surprise attack wasover before 10 . The results were devastating; 18 U.S. ships were struck, and more than 200 aircraft were destroyed or damaged. The Japanese scored a brilliant tactical victory, apparently crippling U.S. naval power in the Pacific. The attack was, however, a colossal political and psychological blunder, for it mobilized U.S. public opinion against the Japanese and served as the catalyst that brought the United States into the war.

49- According to the passage, the moment the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, _____ .
A) It was guaranteed that the United States were to enter into the war
B) there was a shock wave all around the world
C) a meeting was held to decide on the course of action
D) it was clear that the Japanese would lose the war
E) a fleet of planes took off the respond the attack

50- The passage states that on the day of the attack on Pearl Harbour _____ .
A) the U.S. forces were ready to defend themselves
B) there were no ships in the harbour
C) all of the soldiers were sleeping in their barracks
D) the aircraft carriers were on the way to Pearl Harbour
E) there was no aircraft carriers near the base.

51- Following the attack, _____ .
A) all communication facilities were destroyed
B) few ships were not damaged
C) the airfields were still intact
D) a huge devastation on the part of US forces took place
E) U.S. aircraft carriers were of great help

52- Vice Adm. Chuichi Nagumo, with a task force under his command, _____ .
A) was able to destroy all the ships moored in the harbour
B) developed a plan to attack on Pearl Harbour in one night
C) caught the Americans in Pearl Harbour unawares
D) prepared a plan which had certain defects
E) won a victory which was unparalleled in history

53. – 56. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Leaves are the “food factories” of plants, the sites where most of a plant’s energy is produced. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use light energy from the sun to produce food. Although photosynthesis may take place in any green part of a plant, it mainly occurs in the leaves. Earth’s first land plants, which appeared more than 400 million years ago, had no leaves and carried out photosynthesis through their stems. The flowering plants that are familiar to us today first appeared on Earth more than 200 million years ago. Because these advanced plants have more numerous and larger leaves than did their primitive ancestors, they are more efficient at making their own food. Leaves vary greatly in size, from a water plant leaf as small as the head of a pin to a tropical palm leaf that cangrow more than 20 meters long. Along with size, there are also variations in how many leaves a specific species, or kind, of plant supports. For instance, a mature hardwood tree may produce several million leaves during its life span, while one plant specialized for life in the desert grows only two leaves throughout its entire life.

53- According to the passage photosynthesis _____ .
A) was first discovered 400 million years ago
B) mostly takes place in the leaves of plants
C) is not exclusive to plants
D) was known by primitive people
E) may endanger the root system of a plant

54- The passage points out that the flowering plants we know today _____ .
A) didn’t use to make photosynthesis
B) all had small green leaves
C) could be found in higher regions
D) spread on earth through plant factories
E) originated millions of years ago

55- It is clear from the passage that the number of leaves a tree produces _____ .
A) is fixed whatever the species
B) can be estimated by its appearance
C) is not as much as it was millions of years ago
D) varies according to plant species
E) depend on its length and size

56- According to the passage, certain trees _____ .
A) have more functional leaves than others
B) can be distinguished more easily bymeans of the leaves
C) don’t need to make photosynthesis to survive
D) are made of very hard wood
E) may grow no more than two leaves in its life span

57 – 60. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

In Egypt, the people who had farms along the banks of the Nile River were taxed according to their holdings. In the rainy season, the river would overflow its banks and spread over the land, washing away all landmarks. It became necessary, therefore, to re-measure the land so that each owner would have his rightful share. After the floods had subsided, specially trained men, called “rope-stretchers,” would establishnew landmarks. They would use ropes knotted at equal intervals so that they could measure out desired lengths and divide the land into triangles, rectangles, and trapezoids. They devised practical rules for the areas of these figures. The rules were of the rough-and-ready variety and were often inexact. We know today, for example, that the area of any triangle is one-half the product of its altitude and its base. The Egyptians erroneously gave this area as one-half the product of the base and a side. However, most of the triangles used in their surveying work were long and narrow, and in such triangles there is not too much difference in length between the long side and the altitude. Hence the results of the Egyptians’ calculations served as a pretty fair basis for the allotting of land and the taxation of landowners.

57- It is stated in the passage that in the past Egyptians _____ .
A) did not practice suitable farming methods
B) trained villages for better farming techniques
C) would pay their taxes in accordance with what they had
D) made use of seasonal conditions for good farming
E) had better surveying methods than they do now

58- The passage points out that rope- stretchers _____ .
A) were sort of officials who marked the margins of the fields along the Nile
B) were trained experts on farming methods
C) knew how to get maximum yield from a piece of land
D) were chosen among the villagers
E) were appointed by the king

59- It can be determined from the passage that the results of the Egyptians’ calculations _____ .
A) determined how much water a villager would get
B) were stored in local databases
C) were generally correct, though therewere a few mistakes
D) indicated the extent of the yield obtained
E) were used to allot land and determine tax payments of landowners

60- It is understood from the passage that in order to divide the land along the banks of the Nile, _____ .
A) the officials got assistance from villagers
B) ropes knotted at equal intervals wereused
C) villagers were provided certain geometric objects
D) villagers had to wait for a long time
E) trained experts were appointed by the central government

61. – 65. Sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

61- (I) Economic historians have attempted to develop a theory of stages through which each economy must pass as it grows. (II) Early writers often stressed the resemblance between the evolutionary character of economic development and human life–e.g., growth, maturity, and decadence. (III) Later writers, such as the Australian economist Colin Clark, have stressed the dominance of different sectors of an economy at different stages of its development and modernization. (IV) Various theories have been advanced to explain the movement from one stage to the next. (V) For the American economist W.W. Rostow, growth proceeds from a traditional society to a transitional one, to the “take-off” society, to the mature society.

A) I
E) V

62- (I) As more has been learned about cancer, emphasis on prevention and early detection has increased. (II) Cessation of smoking and other tobacco use is the most important controllable means of prevention. (III) Smoking causes about 30% of the cancer deaths in the United States. (IV) A diet low in fat and high in fibre, including a variety of fruits and vegetables is also recommended. (V) Another preventive approach is vaccination against cancer-causing viruses, such as the hepatitis B virus.

A) I
E) V

63- (I) Keyless entry systems, which are common in motor vehicles, rely on a keychain fob. (II) The fob contains a remote- control unit consisting of an integrated circuit and a radio transmitter. (III) It sends a low- powered radio signal to a receiver in the motor vehicle, and, if the received code is the correct one, the receiver in the vehicle relays the signal to a microprocessor, which opens the lock. (IV) The acceptance of such entry systems has led to devices that allow additional functions within the vehicle to be activated remotely. (V) When the key is inserted into the lock, magnets repel magnetized spring-loaded pins, raising them in the same way that theserrations on a tumbler-type key would.

A) I
E) V

64- (I) The Victorian era was the great age of the English novel—realistic, thickly plotted, crowded with characters, and long. (II) It was the ideal form to describe contemporary life and to entertain the middle class. (III) The novels of Charles Dickens spare nothing in their portrayal of what urban life was like for all classes. (IV) William Makepeace Thackeray’sVanity Fair wickedly satirizes hypocrisy and greed. (V) While the affluence of the middle class increased, the lower classes, thrown off their land and into the cities to form the great urban working class, lived ever more wretchedly.

A) I
E) V

65- (I) Hunting was a necessary activity of early humans. (II) Big-game hunting is the most glamorous and often the most dangerous. (III) Through the Palaeolithic period it was their chief means of obtaining food and clothing. (IV) In the Neolithic period, when agriculture developed, killing game was still important. (V) Hunting was popular among the ancients and became a sport in medieval Europe, where it was reserved, as far as possible, for the privileged classes by game laws.

A) I
E) V

66. – 70. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz.

66- The most valuable antiques are masterpieces of furniture, glass, pottery, and metal made by skilled artisans in past centuries. _____ . But another category of antiques is available to almost everyone at reasonable prices: Everyday glassware and furniture, old bottles and tools, cracker boxes and tobacco tins are all popular for decorating homes. They have special appeal as reminders of life in the past.

A) In England, beautifully crafted furniture was made during the reign of Queen Anne
B) The condition of antique furniture is an important consideration for collectors
C) Because these items are rare and highly sought after, they are often too expensive for the casual collector
D) Clay can be shaped and baked into plates, cups, and other useful articles
E) Much antique furniture has remained in good condition because of its sound hand-crafted construction

67- The human body has more than a hundred different kinds of cells. _____ . Cells of one kind are usually joined to make tissue. Blood cells are an exception. They are not joined. They travel alone through the blood vessels.

A) Different kinds of tissue are combined in the body’s organs
B) Body systems help the body remain alive
C) The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it does many jobs
D) The nucleus is a solid ball in the centre of the cell
E) Each has a special form that makes it fit with the special job it has to do

68- In today’s schools, students study medical subjects ranging from anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology to paediatrics, surgery, and psychiatry. _____ . They also discuss problems in medical ethics. Equally important, they learn how to relate to their patients in an understanding and helpful way.

A) Most medical graduates obtained a license after completing another year of study
B) There is a trend toward standardizing the medical licensing requirements
C) A doctor is officially designated a physician and surgeon by the Ministry
D) Their learning takes place in the classroom as well as the hospital and clinic
E) A patient’s case history includes all information needed for successful treatment

69- In 1936 the first giant panda was exhibited in a zoo outside China. _____ . In the United States, giant pandas can be seen in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and San Diego. Pandas in captivity are often given double names, following the Chinese custom, to indicate affection.

A) Today there are more than a dozen pandas in zoos in other countries
B) The newborn panda is blind and covered with only a thin all-white coat
C) Captive pandas may live beyond 30 years in captivity
D) At this time males may become highly aggressive
E) Males appear to use scent to identify the areas where they live

70- Atmospheric concentrations of chlorine and bromine are uniformly spread throughout the atmosphere, but, in some
places, ozone has become so depleted that it has left a “hole.” _____ , where an ozone hole was first noticed in 1985 and has occurred nearly every spring since.

A) Severe ozone destruction occurs above the Arctic
B) This is especially true over Antarctica
C) The natural greenhouse effect is a widely accepted fact
D) This careful balance is constantly disrupted
E) Small amounts of nitrous oxide can be significant

71.-75. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmında söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

Clive : I want to buy a digital camera. What would you recommend?
Nil : It depends what you want. You should buy some photography magazines and catch up on the latest models.
Clive : _____
Nil : You could, but you might wind up paying too much for something you don’t really want.

A) Could you pick one up for me the next time you’re in the camera shop?
B) Can’t I just go to a shop and ask a salesperson?
C) It’s not really all that complicated, is it?
D) Do you think I’ll be able to understand all the jargon they use, though?
E) Does the shop around the corner sell photo magazines, do you know?

Kevin : I think I’ll have a full English breakfast.
Molly : _____
Kevin : Hmm, you’re right. Maybe I should just have some yoghurt and fruit.
Molly : It’d certainly be better for your waistline.

A) Have you got any idea how many calories are in that?
B) Somerset Maugham said breakfast was England’s best meal, and that it should be served three times a day.
C) Maybe I’ll join you. English breakfasts are great.
D) How would you like your eggs, fried or scrambled?
E) I wonder why they serve English breakfast at so many hotels.

Ed : I’m planning to go to China for a year to learn the language.
Joe : _____
Ed : So they say, but it’s also supposed to be the language of the future.
Joe : Well, I guess you could kind of see the year as an investment, then.

A) How interesting! I’d love to go with you, if you don’t mind.
B) Will you be learning the Mandarin or Cantonese dialect?
C) Was it Chinese or Japanese that’s supposed to be more difficult?
D) With your talent for languages, that shouldn’t be too tough.
E) Isn’t that supposed to be an awfully difficult language?

Flip : _____
Professor Frazzle : I believe it’s the official religion of the West African nation of Benin, as well as having several varieties throughout the Caribbean region.
Flip :How can I find out for sure?
Professor Frazzle : Either a visit to the library or some surfing on the Internet would be the best way.

A) Are there any theories on voodoo’s relationship with Catholicism?
B) Do you know when the voodoo religion first arose?
C) Can you tell me in which countries voodoo is currently practised?
D) The voodoo religion is the one that has some belief in zombies, isn’t it?
E) Is voodoo practised in the United States at all, do you know?

Winnie : We’re still looking for someone to play Clov in our production of Endgame.
Willie : _____
Winnie : You? Can you act?
Willie : Didn’t you know I worked as an actor for five years before I got this job with the animal shelter?

A) He’s the first one who speaks in the play, isn’t he?
B) I absolutely can’t stand that miserable play.
C) That’s quite a difficult play for an amateur group to be doing, don’t you think?
D) Well, no one’s bothered asking me yet, you know.
E) Wasn’t that written by Samuel Beckett?

76. – 80. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın cümleyi bulunuz.

76- Everyone should save water as it is not only economical but also resourceful.

A) All of us must have used less water as we have saved a lot of money on our water bill.
B) Every person must try to use less water not in order to save money but to save valuable resources.
C) Everybody ought to save water because by doing so, they will save both money and this resource.
D) Using less water should be everybody’s concern as it saves valuable resources.
E) Someone must have used a lot of water as our water has cost more than usual.

77- Private parcel delivery services provide a faster and more secure alternative to postal services around the world, but they are relatively expensive.

A) International postal services are facing stiff competition from private parcel delivery services, so they have lowered their prices in response.
B) Although postal services around the world are cheaper, parcels have a better chance of arriving more quickly and
securely through private parcel delivery services.
C) While it is more expensive to use local postal services, privatised parcel delivery services are faster and more secure.
D) Private parcel delivery services, with their faster, more economical and more efficient delivery, are driving postal services out of business all over the world.
E) You can use a normal postal service for your parcels, or alternatively, if you are willing to take a chance and wait a little longer, you can use a private parcel delivery service.

78- He must have changed his phone number because I can’t get hold of him.

A) I am unable to get in contact with him, so it is highly likely that he has a new phone number.
B) He could have changed his phone number after I last got in touch with him.
C) He had to change his phone number because I couldn’t get through to his old one.
D) It is possible that he’ll change his phone number, but I won’t know for sure until I talk to him.
E) He should have changed his phone number because no one could get in touch with him.

79- All but one of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings was raided by grave robbers, and that was the tomb of Tutankhamen.

A) The tomb of Tutankhamen was carefully hidden, so it could not be discovered by grave robbers, unlike most of the other tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
B) After all but one of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings had been robbed, the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered.
C) Except for Tutankhamen’s tomb, where they couldn’t find anything, grave robbers stole the goods out of all the other tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
D) The tomb of Tutankhamen was not robbed by tomb thieves, but they stole from every other tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
E) Grave robbers stole the goods from many of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, but they couldn’t find anything in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

80- In India, a sure sign that the monsoons are coming is when winds start increasing.

A) It is clear that, in India, it is only when the monsoons come that the wind increases.
B) In India, the winds definitely do not increase until the monsoons have arrived.
C) Seeing that the winds are increasing in India, I’m convinced that the monsoons are coming.
D) The people of India think that the monsoons have come whenever the winds rise.
E) Rising winds are a strong indication of the arrival of the monsoons to Indi